A Fun filled Fresh Sewing Day ………….

Collage July 2013 (2)

August has arrived and I have been inspired by Lily’s Quilts Fresh Sewing Day .  I have reflected on my sewing activities for July in the pictures above.   On review, July has been a very productive month and I am feeling good about my sewing projects.  Sometimes we are too focused on the unfinished projects that we forget to look back and see what has been achieved.

The key highlight for me, in July, was meeting the wonderful Gwen Marston.  She is an absolutely amazing lady and so inspirational.  I walked away, from her workshop, with two key points one to follow the quilting traditions of the past and secondly  to follow my  intuitive creativity.

Gwen discussed a Martha Washington  quilt from her Liberated Medallion Quilts Book. ” Unfinished Pieced Bedcover 1790 – 1800”  and noted that the outer border  on point squares were a bit short.    A creative solution was introduced and a contrasting material was added to all four corners giving the quilt a contemporary look.  (Marston, 2012:10)   So what if  your borders are too short, there is always a creative solution.  So with that in mind, I am not so critical of my work, it doesn’t have to be perfect  and I am more focused on enjoying the process.  Sewing is fun right!

I am linking this post up with Lily’s Quilt Sew FreshQuokkaquilts TGIFF and Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Up Friday. If you have stopped by from these links Welcome!  Feel free to stay and look around, time permitting.

As always, thank you for stopping by.  Wherever you are in the world have a great day.

Sew Happy ……………………….Marie x

6 thoughts on “A Fun filled Fresh Sewing Day ………….

  1. Wow! You were quite productive as well! Love your light, fun quilts! I love Gwen Marston too. I met her years ago when she spoke at a local guild meeting. She is a delight and I love her work.

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