Sunny Days & Happy Sewing!

I trust life is keeping you busy as we move towards the festive season. It has been very cold in Melbourne for Spring, however,we are having a few sunny days.  The sun always makes me feel better!  I have a lots of sewing on the go at the moment and I am loving it!  Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with so many projects but I don’t seem to mind.  Maybe it’s because I can see some progress !!

BringMeFlower 3.1

I have been busy making my blocks of the month “Bring Me Flower”  by Jen Kingwell Amitie Textiles.  I am enjoying making the blocks and keeping up with the pace !

Bring Me Flowers 4.1

I love the mix of colour and fabric choices!  It is very inspiring using some fabric combinations that you may not normally choose and the result is amazing!

DollyWIP 1

My beautiful sewing friends are having and end of year challenge and lace is the theme.  I am not one for incorporating lace into quilts but I have crocheted many years ago and thought it would be fun to make a lace doily centre piece.  I wanted to choose something with a modern twist and was absolutely delighted when I visited Marlize Ries @ Stitch by Stich and found a beautiful Pansy Doily that I felt  had a little of a modern twist!  Thank you for the inspiration Marelize!   The Pansy Doily pattern is as a free PDF download from Yellow, Pink and Sparkly  .   I have used perle 8 cotton, I think it is a bit thin but will keep on going.  I didn’t know whether to use a white centre or keep it all blue.  The one colour version  seems to work for me.  I  put up a photo on Instagram (IG) and low and behold my daughter wants this lace doily and her friend would like some crochet lessons.  Amazing when you are inspired to make something and to see the flow on effect especially when young people take an interest in crafts.

I am supporting the linky parties Anything Goes @ Stitch by Stitch, Quilt Story Fabric Tuesday and WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced.

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead…..may it be wonderful for you.

Sew Happy……………………..Marie x

15 thoughts on “Sunny Days & Happy Sewing!

  1. just what I needed..!
    I have been hibernating before Winter LOLs..
    writing organizing my work space
    needing a break..and you Marie had perfect timing!
    your art painted with thread and needles remind me of so many things my
    grandmother taught me…

    I love your crocheting…I ave even been working on a granny square
    as for lace…have you ever done “chicken scratch ” (what its known in the south here
    Canadian snowflaking in the North)
    most people think I lay lace on fabric but it is done on gingham….
    I’ll send you a link it you would like….

    and of course now that makes me want to work on another quilt LOLs…
    okay…breaks over..I need to finish so I go get back to blogging and rambling.
    (its been cold here some what, we even had two morning with a freeze already…
    I think San Antonio (Hill Country outside city) will have a Winter).
    Thank you…I have enjoyed your art once more….
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. the flower blocks are so pretty, not seen any like this before, something else to add to the want to do list! Just got email from my sister in Melbourne to say yesterday it was 30 and today the temperature dropped down to 16 some major change there.

  3. I love love your tulip blocks! They are just so cute! It will be interesting to see how you will use your crochet piece in a quilt. I love it that you have inspired your daughter and friend! Have fun teaching them!

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