Gwen Marston – what can I say….Fabulous ….Witty……..Amazing……

Well what can I say, Gwen Marston is all of the above and a beautiful person.  I had the honor of meeting Gwen and attending  her workshop, hosted by Amitie Textiles in Melbourne.  It was an absolutely fabulous day and I enjoyed every minute.  The class was focusing on Gwen’s book Liberated Medallion Quilts.  Prior to attending, I organized my fabric/blocks for possible centres for a medallion quilt, I packed a few.   Needless to say,  I didn’t use any of them.

Gwen showed us her beautiful quilts influenced by historical quilts of the past.  They were just magnificent.  I had read Gwen’s book and I was interested to hear all about Liberated Quilters.  Gwen talked about the historical quilts.  She provided examples where quilters had used alternate materials, different size blocks to make borders fit, given that, in the 19th Century they didn’t have a lot of fabric and in many instances just had to make do.  Gwen also  showed examples of her contemporary quilts that did not necessarily follow straight lines;  more emphasis was placed on the ‘wonky side’.  This magnificent quilter  with many years experience and lots and lots of credibility gave us a license to go and follow our own inspiration.

So with no limitations or rules,  I began my journey as a Liberated Quilter.  All those items that I considered not perfect will definitely  find there way into sewing of the future.  I am truly LIBERATED and it is a great feeling.  I am committed to removing illusions of perfection and follow the quilters of the past and enjoy the love that only an needle and thread can bring.

This is a photo of Gwen and I with my work for the day ……….subsequent borders will evolve……….

Gwen and Marie

I also had the pleasure of sharing the table  with some beautiful ladies Debra, Barbara and Heather……we had a great time creating, sharing opinions and laughing.  Thank you ladies for adding to the joy.

Gwen Marston Class Friends

The venue was beautiful, food amazing and a room filled with laughter.   Thank you to Jenny at Amitie and her wonderful team of helpers for creating a wonderful atmosphere and  spectacular day.  If you want to check out more  examples from the class stop by Melissa’s blog mellie B is making things and say hi.

I am truly thankful that I had the pleasure of meeting Gwen.  She is a truly amazing, fun loving lady and  she has changed my perspective on quilting…….LIBERATED.  If you get the chance to attend one of Gwen’s Workshops or hear her speak don’t wait you will not regret it.  Check out Sarah Fielke’s blog about Gwen’s activity in Sydney.  You never know you may be lucky!

Happy Sewing and thankyou for stopping by……….Marie x

2 thoughts on “Gwen Marston – what can I say….Fabulous ….Witty……..Amazing……

  1. I was so glad to be able to share the day with you Marie it really was a lovely day. I’m following your blog now so I look forward to seeing your progress with your liberated quilt! Debra.x

    • Hi Debra….great to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by. Will definitely keep you up to date with the progress. Thanks for following my blog. Look forward to seeing your work too! Have a great day x

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